Have you ever been in a toxic relationship that you couldn't break away from?

People were watching from the sidelines wondering why didn't you leave?

The reality is you had a desire to leave but the relationship had become a burden and you just didn't have the strategy to escape. That is what sin has done to so many Christians today. Though many of you are saved and in love with Christ, there are some addictions, habits, abuse, pain, trauma, and behaviors that handcuffed you and left you in bondage.

The Break Up begins with 6 reasons it's hard to break up and features a “Letter to sin” in the chapters. The book covers 6 practical stages that will empower you to walk into a life of spiritual freedom. The Break Up also comes with reference scriptures and a short prayer at the end of each chapter.

After reading this book, you will have the insight to navigate your way out of a lifestyle of sin and into a life of spiritual freedom. The book describes the example of you breaking up in a relationship to help you break away from a relationship with sin and release the strongholds in your life. In The Break Up, the chapters will include practical help, relatable scenarios, and scripture-based guidance. Your problem with sin is your relationship with sin. You’ve been in bondage way too long God is getting ready to give you the best break up of your life!

The Break